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TRAVNIX |The movie | Read exclusively the book for the first part of the TV series below

The Tale

It was a time when elves, trolls and mermaids were still alive, in a world united with its creator. The spirit of evolution was fresh and represented by witty creations simply created by mother nature. At that time, especially people from Scandinavia and Old-Germany lived in harmony with these beautiful creatures, including great collaborations and a feeling of unity - something hardly conceivable those days, when looking at current world affairs.









The story starts in the old land of today's Schleswig-Holstein, those days known as the ‘land of elves’. It was a peaceful time. The creatures of nature were able to transform all kinds of negative thoughts and aggressions into positive moments and serendipitous feelings that benefited people. Many myths and legends were retold about these times, but regrettably only a few survived, so that people started to forget about the forces bringing salvation, happiness and inner confidence.


Businessman Friedrich

Luckily, years later, it happened that, a Lübeck merchant, called Friedrich von Lünstroth, remembered the traditional stories his ancestors had told him years ago - and a new era was about to begin …





The history

Friedrich just had gone for a walk at the Drave Hinterland and enjoyed listening to the mild winds, blowing over the deaf-haired meadows along the Drave. Suddenly it was, as if the small river started murmuring of a time, long ago - and it happened that the wind turned into a story-teller: 


"Dravus, my Dravus, may dawn shine in sunlight, you man of trade. Dive into my bed! Lie down with me, listen and have no fear, nor shyness."

Friedrich holding his breath whilst trying to listen to the quite words, was not frightened but much surprised. There was a wailing and sobbing, weirdly combined with a cheerfulness of pasted times.

Being a man of actions and wanting to know, what was going on, Friedrich quickly grabbed for reed.  He took it into his mouth, while slowly letting himself down from the embankment into the ellen-high water near the river bank. Everything was quiet now until a crack paired with dull bubbling broke the silence - through the water he could see a bright light. A new day was about to begin and a strange voice from the water started talking to Friedrich:


"You brave man, I will entrust you my sorrow and my grief about my children, which I brought into this world from the near-shore spawning grounds of myself. I had 30 little river girls who brought so much joy into my life. But it happened, that growing up so quickly and by becoming great mermaids, I could no longer give them a home and every of my kids had to find their own luck in the world.

With my flow, I accompanied my children to the Baltic Sea. During the first days I made my kids getting used to the salty water and the change of environment. I tried to inhale these last happy days - ready to keep the memories forever - but the time of saying Good Bye was about to come. And the day came, my girls had grown up.

I waved at my children as they swam in all directions of the Baltic Sea, ready and excited to explore oceans and neighbour countries far away from their home port. I was happy and sad at the same time when making my way back to the riverbed. This place was home to me and my old life was waiting.




The years have passed by and I miss my kids every day. I tried to listen to the sound of the sea and was surprised. It told me about my children doing well and using their senses. Each bringing deep joy and happiness into the land of their new homes. I feel proud, sad and confused at the same time, but my deep desire of having the girls back is simpy taking over me and therefore I beg you:”

"You, man of commerce, please go out into the world, seek for my children and bring those you can find back to me! And if it is only days that we can be united again, it will be worth all the effort. In return I will give you my omniscience, my knowledge, my everything which unites me with all the waters and seas of all countries.”

Friederich struggled staying underwater while still being half asleep, until he suddenly woke up. On the slippery ground, soaked with water and blurry memories, it took him a few many minutes to remember what just happened. While standing up, the dull words of the Drave were still in his head. An echo kept saying "Find my daughters! Bring back my children! "


… and the journey begun. Friedrich had built a boat big enough hosting all mermaids, but also small enough to sail the Trave. It was named ‘Dorothes Magnat’. Friedrich started sailing off to the Baltic Sea countries and the Baltic States. The countries of the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean followed. He listened to fishermen at sea, talked to ports and felt the spirit of the Trave Mermaid guiding him trough the water. Every here and there, he heard of stories and appearances, that could be interpreted as mermaids.

And Friedrich got lucky. After visiting the entire globe for the daughters of the elderly mermaid Dravus Helene, he was able to bring back all the Travenixes to their headwaters and their mother.

Once they entered the home waters, a solemn welcoming ritual started, which was to unite all the daughters into a sworn community. ..........


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