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TRAVNIX | international

International cooperation is a must for TRAVNIX delegations, promoting new ways to humanize world events and the participation of project participants. All aspects of the member countries will have to be discussed as far as possible, but in the end survival with and on earth will be the decisive factor. Knowledge is the defining characteristic of the discussions. In this context, TRAVNIX will indicate the date on which the performance is not scientifically proven. However, the coherent construct of TRAVNIX employees may find approval. Because with all Internationale KooperationenInternationale Kooperationenscientifically justified considerations, the research societies, colleges and universities scientists of the TRAVNIX stand aside, expand and illuminate the knowledge horizon universally. Maybe this is the guarantee that our lives can continue for several centuries. The universe is unbelievable to the human mind. Research results are and can only be moments of time leading to new results. However, these research and knowledge chains are partly related to the medieval concerns and desires of a humanity. These research foundations lead to results that lead to little understanding in the intergalactic space. Because that may now only be put into the room, according to TRAVNIX, we humans are also living beings of the universe. This life room is from your Earth. Actively explore how to adjust life on Earth, so how does the magnet currents of the earth and the universe do it. However, these magnet currents are only features that we want to understand as humans. However, TRAVNIX's research will reveal sensational contexts that serve traditional science to pass even more prudent knowledge and recommendations to a humanity.






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